The New York Times!

at the end of a year filled with so many enormous, unbelievable things, getting photographed for the New York Times during your last pop up of 2017 seems fitting. Thank you so much for this year.
Click here to see me in action at the Bust Holiday Craftacular, & in The NY Times.

The Right After Breakfast Podcast

Taking a defining moment and turning it into long term success is not easy, and sometimes it takes a long time to do. I did just that and shared the story on the Right After Breakfast Podcast. Check It Out Here!
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i'm back at chelsea market for the first time this year and loving it! come visit me july 3-16 at the corner 10th/15th and check out the feature artists & fleas did about me on their blog! i'm loving meeting all of you IRL! see you soon! 
Mon-Sat 10-9 // Sun 10-8!

the ALS clutch

This June, in honor of father's day, i am partnering with CCALS, a nonprofit organization based in my home state of Massachusetts that supports people who have been diagnosed with ALS with the physical and emotional complexities associated with this horrible disease. Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) is also known as Lou Gehrig's disease. Compassionate Care ALS help provide resources, equipment, guidance and assistance to patients and their families dealing with this unpredictable and incurable neuromuscular disorder.


so excited to share with you guys the launch of my shapeways store! Charms have always been something i've wanted to expand into but never knew how to branch into it in a cost-effective manner. my girl Kasia over at Collected Edition always encouraged me to dive into 3D printing and a couple months ago taught me the basics on how to do it. I based my charms off of my best selling clutch styles and added a couple of awesome name plates for necklaces. when you shop on shapeways, you are only...